Telecommunications & Internet

The telecommunications and Internet industry includes a myriad of companies of all shapes and sizes, competing to provide cutting-edge retail Internet, voice, video and text services, wholesale backhaul, tandem and transport services as well as physical layer infrastructure such as cell sites, conduit, distributed antennae system (DAS), and fiber-optic cable plant. No matter what your game plan is, the Van de Verg Law Office stands ready to assist, with 20+ years’ experience in the telecommunications, Internet and voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP) sectors.

Whether your company is designing a new service offering, entering a new market segment, facing a regulatory audit or investigation or possible litigation, the Van de Verg Law Office can help you achieve a beneficial outcome that aligns with company goals and objectives, at a reasonable cost.

The Van de Verg Law Office handles:

  • Conduit access, pole attachment and rights-of-way negotiations and agreements

  • FCC and state commission regulatory investigations and enforcement actions

  • FCC VOIP numbering authorizations

  • FCC and state commission tariffs

  • Federal and state regulatory reporting and other requirements

  • Federal and state universal service and other telecommunications taxes planning

  • Interconnection agreements (ICAs) adoption, negotiation and arbitration

  • State utility commission CAP and CLEC licenses

  • Tandem service agreements

  • Telecommunications-related litigation before FCC, state commissions and courts of law

  • Traffic exchange agreements (TEAs)

  • USAC filings and audits

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