The telecommunications industry has seen enormous upheaval over the past 20+ years following passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Consolidation and regulatory changes have effectively limited today’s telecom landscape to just a few traditional landline giants with massive wireless and broadband Internet Server Provider (ISP) affiliates. Filling the void landscape are several publicly-traded Internet-based rivals and a host of smaller companies seeking to occupy a niche in this field. 

While the telecom industry has a lot of earning potential, it has its own set of challenges. One of biggest hurtles to starting and maintaining a telecom business is obtaining the required legal certifications and licenses. Another major challenge is that telecom business is a constantly changing industry, both with new technologies and the laws, regulations and industry standards concerning them. Your success will not only depend on your services, but also on how well your company adapts to shifting telecommunication policies.

The Van de Verg Law Office will provide the legal advice and strategic planning to tackle regulatory and industry standard benchmarks that are needed for your company to operate legally – and potentially ahead of your competitors. We’ll also draft applications and other filings at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), and other state and federal agencies as appropriate. While we focus on getting your telecom licensing and certifications in order, you can prioritize your business planning and financing, which we can also help with. If issues with telecom regulation do arise, our firm is fully equipped to defend your business interests in litigation. 


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