Entity Formation & Governance 

LLC building blocks.jpg

As a business leader, one of the first choices you will make is the entity type for your venture. A business organization can be formed as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, non-profit corporation or other structure. This initial decision will drive your business’ entire governance structure, reporting requirements and tax treatment for the life cycle of the entity. Your maintenance of that entity, and respect for its internal structure and rules, will determine whether the entity survives the rigors of marketplace fluctuations, regulatory scrutiny and litigation, while at the same time serving your business needs and objectives.

The Van de Verg Law Office has experience with creating, growing and maintaining business entities. We can help you:

  • Choose the right entity for your business, one that suits your needs and offers a framework for growth

  • Create your business’ equity governance and management structure, including operating agreements, shareholder agreements and buy-sell agreements

  • Monitor your business’ compliance with federal and state tax rules, state reporting requirements and its own governance documents

  • Amplify your business entity’s structure by adding new management roles and key employees, through executive employment & non-compete agreements, equity incentive plans and stock option plans

  • Support financing rounds through properly-documented sales of stock and membership interests and private placement memorandums

  • Create new subsidiaries and affiliates to support your expanding business objectives

  • Package your business or a specific asset or products line for sale and negotiate the selling process

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