Commercial Litigation 

While it’s ideal for business disputes to be settled outside of court, there may be situations in which commercial litigation is necessary to protect your business interests. Whether concerns arise with a rival company, disgruntled ex-employee, or concerned investor, The Van de Verg Law Office stands ready to assist you. Our office has extensive experience with court-ordered and private-party arbitration and mediation, as well as litigation in state and federal court and before multiple administrative agencies. 

While our goal is to help you avoid commercial litigation altogether, we have the knowledge and expertise to settle your case in a way that maximizes your company’s value and defends your reputation. We do this by thoroughly assessing the strength of your company’s claims to develop winning strategies for court. We will serve as your representative in pre-filing negotiation and then file the suit in whichever state or federal court is required. As with all of our practices, we are fully transparent. You’ll know exactly what’s going on and be advised on the best ways to save time and money throughout the process.

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