Internet Law

Internet law is a conglomeration of traditional legal concepts – including copyright, contract, licensing, trademark, and consumer protection rules – applied specifically to web activity and content. Cyber-security regulation plays an increasingly major role in Internet law. Preventing data breaches and theft of trade secrets for both the client and company is essential for any business that deals in online commerce and services. Maintaining compliance with Internet laws, regulations and industry standards will not only secure online privacy for your clients but also protect your business from liability. 

Taking steps to secure your website from ransomware attacks and using click-thru agreements are just a few of the legal measures to secure your online business. A major step in enhancing your IT company is remaining up-to-date on these laws, not only as a safeguard but also as an incentive for clients.

The Van de Verg Law Office specializes in helping clients navigate all the business, legal, and technical aspects of Internet law. Leveraging our experience developing and growing IT businesses, we’ll help you mitigate and prevent legal issues ranging from daily operations to unique challenges and threats. After fully assessing your operation, we’ll pinpoint the essential regulatory obligations you need to comply with in order to protect your business. We’ll also draft agreements regarding the use and sale of your services and products while also advising you on how state, federal, and international Internet laws and regulations impact the bottom line.

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