Internet Law

Internet law is a congeries of traditional legal concepts—copyright, contracts, licensing, trademark, regulation—transformed by the relentless expansion of the Internet, the World Wide Web and thousands upon thousands of new websites and applications. Content licensing agreements, cyber-security, online privacy, online commerce, online immunity for websites, liability for ransomware attacks and the use of click-thru agreements are but a few of the legal issues which have taken shape over the past three decades or so. Fluent with the key business, legal and technical aspects of the Internet, The Van de Verg Law Office is well-qualified to assist your company navigate legal issues arising from its use of the Internet in its daily operations, offering goods and services via the Internet, as well as the unique challenges and threats—and attendant regulatory obligations—imposed by the Internet on just about every business operating today. We can draft agreements relating to your business on the Internet and policies to ensure regulatory compliance as well as advise your company regarding how state, federal and international regulation of the Internet impacts the bottom line.

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