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Many startups rely on the founders’ savings, personal credit cards, borrowing money from friends and relatives, and other informal methods of finance to get underway. While this understandable and perhaps inevitable, as your business expands and demand for your products and services ramps up, your business will eventually need to enter into formalized financing transactions. This can take the form of applying for a bank loan or line of credit, granting an interest in your company to a key employee, approaching an “angel” investor for a private loan, or negotiating a multi-faceted financing package with a professional lender or venture capital group. The Van de Verg Law Firm can help you protect your interests in the business at the same time you add the individual and institutional financial relationships your business needs to grow. We can assist with negotiating and implementing bank loans, private loans, letters of intent, the due diligence process, private placement memorandums, stock grants, stock options, and shareholder agreements.