Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

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The meteoric rise of the Internet worldwide has altered traditional legal concepts and created new ones in the fields of cybersecurity, data privacy and intellectual property. Achieving compliance with the latest laws, regulations and industry standards is vital to insulate your business from liability. Designing and implementing plans that address cybersecurity vulnerabilities, data breaches, incident response and trade secret protection will position your company for continuity of operations in the face of emerging cyber-threats.

Planning also helps you minimize exposure to governmental investigations and enforcement actions, generate trust among valued customers, employees and supply chain partners, and lays the groundwork for a smooth and profitable exit strategy. Reviewing business insurance policies for cybersecurity and data privacy coverage is another important component of your company’s information security profile. If your business offers a cybersecurity service or product, a thorough understanding of the legal, regulatory and standards landscape is necessary to position for marketplace success.

The Van de Verg Law Office assists its clients to navigate the shifting business and legal aspects of cybersecurity and data privacy. We can help you:

  • Frame and prioritize cybersecurity and data privacy risks to your business

  • Draft cyber risk management plans, cyber risk assessments, data breach prevention plans and incident response plans

  • Draft data privacy policies to support interactions with customers and employees

  • Draft trade secret protection plans against cyber-theft

  • Protect your trademark, trade dress and publicity rights from cyber-threats

  • Identify insurance coverages that address specific risks applicable to your company

  • Design your cybersecurity product or service to ensure compliance with existing laws, regulations and standards as well as anticipated changes in the cyber-law landscape

When you are ready to sell your business or take on outside investors, we are prepared to groom and manage the cybersecurity and data privacy aspects of the transaction. If a lawsuit or claim arises in the cybersecurity or data privacy context, we can bring 20+ years of technology-centric, complex commercial litigation experience to bear on your behalf.

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