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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law Consultation

Achieving compliance with the latest cybersecurity and data privacy laws, regulations and industry standards is vital to insulate your business from liability, handle unavoidable incidents in stride and execute a profitable exit strategy.


The Van de Verg Law Office can help you design and implement plans and policies that address cybersecurity vulnerabilities, data breaches, incident response and trade secret protection.

With 20+ years’ experience in the telecommunications and Internet service industries, and education at the University of Maryland Baltimore’s Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS), we can help you:

 ●      Frame and prioritize cybersecurity and data privacy risks

 ●      Draft cyber risk management plans, data breach prevention plans and incident response plans

 ●      Conduct cyber risk assessments

 ●      Draft data privacy policies

 ●      Draft trade secret protection plans to address cyber-theft

 ●      Protect your trademark, trade dress and publicity rights from cyber-threats

 ●      Identify and manage cybersecurity issues which arise in the sale of a business or product line

●      Review and recommend appropriate cybersecurity and data privacy insurance policies

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